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Starting Wild Little Lemon

As a small business owner, mother, wife, and all around entrepreneur - a large part of me wanted to start something meaningful. Any business I have started in the past has always been meaningful to me and my community, and that is something I found very rewarding and fulfilling. As I ventured into this world of starting an eco-friendly business, I found myself wondering if people would really want to be a part of this change. I know the change is there, and I know the community I have built in the past will grow again with this new venture.

Plastic is wreaking havoc on our earth, but most importantly our oceans and lakes. Growing up in the midwest, I was fascinated by the ocean. I couldn't wait to see it, swim in it, learn from it. As a child I thought for sure I was going to be a Marine Biologist, discovering beautiful species and always being surrounded by water. Twenty years later, I'm a teacher, an artist, and I'm still in the midwest with a little boy. I wouldn't change it for the world, but so much of me still loves the ocean and all the waters of the earth. It still fascinates me, and I still to this day snorkel and swim any chance I can. That deep love for our waters is why I wanted to start Wild Little Lemon. I want to give back to our earth by offering products that help us reduce plastic in our every day lives - but are also beautiful and a wonderful addition to our homes.

How many plastic baggies do you use every week? Every day? I know I used SO many... as a mother and as a teacher. The waste is intense, and I hope we can reduce our plastic use one small step at a time, together. 

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